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Living Dead Gifts

Greetings Ghouls, Fiends & Monsters:

I am your hostess Cemetery Queen, and it is splendid that you have stopped by. The items on this site are classics I have dragged out from my mausoleum in hopes others will see their creep-tacular qualities! Some are hand crafted, some are not but all are a limited quantity and I cannot guarantee the length of time they will be around. In addition to my fine items this site will include assorted rants & raves; feel free to join in and comment…the more the deadlier!  

‘Till next time, Your Cemetery Queen

For the Holiday Season to come

Soon to some will be Holidays fun!  Skeletons on sleighs ornaments, Free standing boney Snowmen and more!  If you have any ideas or requests let me know.

One of a kind Jewels can be created

I have here a few necklaces made with semi-precious stones for examples.  I enjoy creating beautiful things and have done commission work.  Type of stone, clasp, and style can be requested – just email with any questions!


This one is made of Amethyst, shells & glass beads on a linen cord with a twist clasp and  measures 16″



This necklace has a real shell from a Florida beach. I love it;  reminds me of mermaids, and the beach in the dead of winter (as New England gets quite cold!) This piece is also made with sodalite and beads on a linen cord with lobster clasp.


Created wih Snowflake Obsidian, Hematite, Mother of Pearl & beads this necklace is great for absorbing negativity, as well as quite striking.


Another of my favorites; created from jade, gold metal & glass beads it has a feeling of wealth.









Voodoo, I mean Karma Dolls

These “karma” dolls are hand-made with love out of muslin. Each lil’ darling is about 8.5″ tall with a 5.5″ armspan.  They include a set of 13 pins as well.  Take a sweet & loyal dolly home today! But just remember: I am not responsible for what happens…

 Each Doll- $10.oo

BUSH edition “Karma Doll”

For those of you political types, I have created a Karma Doll with a certain presidents face on it.  Of course, it is only to be used for positive purposes! Same measurments apply and comes with 13 pins. I am REALLY not responsible for what happens after you get this doll!

Each Bush Doll- $13.oo

Stick Eyes

One package includes a pair of sticky eye balls. Throw them anywhere!  Decorate your ceiling, toss them at unsuspecting by standers…the activities are endless.

1 pair- $1.50

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